Elevator Repair

We handle elevator repairs of all shapes and sizes. Our team is familiar with all elevator manufacturers and brands. All repairs are done with high quality brand name components received from the manufacturer or trusted vendors.

Elevator Modernization

If your elevator is fairly old, we can modernize it to improve safety, increase performance, and even make it look nicer. We do this by upgrading the critical components with new, modern technology.

Preventative Maintenance

Why wait for your elevator to break down? Our monthly preventative maintenance catches problems before they become major issues, keeping your elevator in service more often and reducing costs.

Safety Code Updates

In order to keep elevators the safest form of transportation, Affordable Elevator Service is constantly trained with the latest safety code updates. Keeping your elevators safe is our number one priority.

Elevator Demolition

Elevators are designed to last 20 plus years before a major upgrade is required.  However, there might be instances when you are in need of your elevator being demolishted. Our Lift removal and clean up services is removed in an environmentally friendly and safe way.

Cab Interiors

We can enhance the overall appeal of your elevator by remodeling the cab interior with your choice of a new and modern design. Our design services will help rejuvenate the look of any outdated and worn elevator interior.

About us

Affordable Elevator Service, Inc. offers elevator repair, modernization, and maintenance with honesty, integrity, and affordability to those in Southern California.