Just like our company name says, we offer affordable Elevator Repair Services

Your elevator is an important but often overlooked part of your business. You can’t afford to have it out of commission.

Elevator Repair Service

No elevator issue is too large or small. We will get you up and running without breaking your budget. 

Servicing Southern California

We provide affordable elevator services in Las Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Our name says it all—we offer top quality repair and preventative maintenance at competitive prices

If your elevator is not working, your customers and employees may be very unhappy. That’s the last thing you want! We do repairs of all types plus more. We’ve based our reputation on four key factors.


You can count on us to be there when you need us.


Quality elevator repair can quite literally be a case of life or death. We guarantee all of our repairs are done by qualified, licensed professionals.


We won’t try to talk you into any repairs or services you don’t need. We don’t believe in upselling or pushing services that aren’t necessary. .


No one wants workers disrupting their office for longer than necessary. We get in, get the job done, and get out.

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About us

Affordable Elevator Service, Inc. offers elevator repair, modernization, and maintenance with honesty, integrity, and affordability to those in Southern California.